Wish List

On Tuesday evening Amanda, Lynn, Sue and myself met to discuss next steps in the garden. We decided to prioritise Louise’s funding application to the South Downs National Park and looking at the design started to make a list of equipment and materials that we would need in order to get it built. Whilst some of these things can be financed through grants it is likely that we can provide certain items ourselves, perhaps by donation or a loan. Obviously we don’t want to duplicate our fundraising efforts so please take a look at the list below and let us have your comments/suggestions (or better still, offers!) You will see there are a lot of gaps and there are bound to be things we have forgotten …. (like hand tools!) so all thoughts welcome!

The list can be accessed by clicking here: Wish List


5 thoughts on “Wish List

  1. I have acquired a v. rusty looking, but perfectly serviceable wheelbarrow. I am away this weekend but anyone able to do so, is welcome to collect said item from me/my garden & take it to the community garden for use there long term.

    Would like to see updated list of what needed. Things have changed a bit since the original list was made I think.

  2. We’re holding some tools in our garage donated by a friend’s father: Here’s a list – its rather miscellaneous:
    Wheel barrow (small)
    broom x 2
    Dutch hoe
    spring rake
    Hay rake
    Axe X 2 (blunt!)
    Sprung Shears, Funnel
    Hand Forks x 2 Hand Trowels X 3
    Water butt tap
    Watering can rose

  3. … also, i have an excess of pots of various sizes inherited from the last owner of our house. Happy to donate temporary greenhouse space for propagating off site if need be

  4. WOW that is an offer! what shall we propagate? Cucumbers? I have a few seeds?
    Pumkins – get them started early and you get a better crop?
    Wish list I add bird protection- Lots of Netting
    frost protection – lots of fleece material

  5. I notice woodland Trust Trees on the wish list, I applied for these but if we are successful we won’t get them until the autumn. I applied for the wild harvest pack which includes hazel, blackthorn(for sloes), crab apple, elder and dog rose. I think I applied for 400 saplings

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