seed potatoes / onions/and seeds

After our summer of work we  now have beds ready for next year. Just had an email from Sheet Allotments asking if we wish to join in there potato and onion order very soon  the delivery is anticpated early February+ whether we want to order anything from Kings seeds catalogue at 50% off in January Now is the time to get the best prices so who has contacts with alternative seed sellers?  What does everyone want to do?




Hi our hedging from the Woodland Trust has arrived. There are rabbit guards and canes with it. There is community promotional material – posters etc. that are very attractive. the plants are all in little pods. I think it would be sensible to consider having a planting plan of which plants we want where. There are rowans, wild rose, hazel ,elder and many more.Once the greenhouse is completed I suggest we set a date. Any thoughts?






the water is on!

The micro Priarie plants all looked alive and well on Sunday .Your planting idea is clever and looks good. it looks good to have the paths mown too.

The next bed in Veg Zone A  – We were inspired to try laying cardboard first and then tipped compost on top which Adam trampled down with the hope that the couch will be slowed it looked a fine  raised bed !

Plugs of beetroot, runner beans,and sweetcorn were planted into it , continued with seeds of

 sugarsnap peas and Adam  leeks .

Judith and I sowed seeds of spianch beet in the first no dig patch,

The sweet peas Emily gave us to sow along the fence are up!

After harvesting some radishes we left Adam sowing seeds in the salad patch.

It was  a lovely afternoon!