Hi everyone and welcome to our brand new blog. I have just sent out some invitations to you so that you can view, comment and start posting if you are familiar with how to do this. Don’t worry if you aren’t. I’m finding this out as I go along as well… Like the garden itself this is very much a work in progress and I’m sure it will evolve as we start to find our way around and work out how best to use it. Initially, we will keep the site as a private blog, i.e. only invited members will be able to view or post comments. At a later stage I’m sure we will want to open it up to a wider audience, such as potential new membership, other community gardens etc. I suggest that we use this section of the site to post comments/ideas and have discussions whilst the ‘Pages’ section will contain more ‘static’ information, such as membership and contact details, background info about our project, design info (eg the plan) and other documents that we might want to refer to.

I’ll shut up for now… over to you… Any ideas for pages, posts etc? Any problems or questions? Get commenting!


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