This may be a repetition as I have already typed something in the Blogg.  A neighbour offered me some plants, 2 cherries (wild) 2 ash trees. several re currants, and a dozen wild flowers.  I asked to keep them for us as we were not yet planting.  Have shown the list to others who feel that only the flowers and red currants would be welcomed. What do you feel?


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  1. Redcurrants would be very welcome, are they in pots or waiting to be dug up? Ash/cherry trees will get far too big. What wild flowers are they, do you know? if they dont suit our soil perhaps sell them at the fundraising event on 11th May. by the way, would be good if you could post about that on the blog as well, Amanda!

    1. The redcurrants are in pots. Jenny was going to try and identify the wildflowers as they grew. Some are in small pots and some are in her flowerbeds. Will get back to her and decline the trees. Will put details of the fundraising event on the blog. Yesterday I booked the Half Moon pub in Sheet for a General Meeting, evening of 15th May. Do hope you are free that evening, or could get the evening off! See you on Sunday Amanda

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      1. I agree with the redcurrants they seem quite good at surviving moves too. Our son gave us one from his garden in Didcot before moving to London. The birds got the berries last summer It is in flower now looks promising! Must get my netting out earlier this year.

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