Fund Raising on 11 May

The Allotments are selling plants outside the Square Brewery from 2pm on Sat 11 May.  The community garden can join in with a cake and book stall.  David is very happy for us to participate – there are three sessions in all, 18th May and 15th June as well, same time and place.

Any offers of plants, cakes, books and help on the day very welcome.  Let us hope for a sunny day and lots of people out and about. From previous experience most cakes, biscuits and buns go though anything with coconut not so popular!


This may be a repetition as I have already typed something in the Blogg.  A neighbour offered me some plants, 2 cherries (wild) 2 ash trees. several re currants, and a dozen wild flowers.  I asked to keep them for us as we were not yet planting.  Have shown the list to others who feel that only the flowers and red currants would be welcomed. What do you feel?