More than forty people joined us for our third annual wassailing in the orchard area, with Sue’s apple cake, some cider made from fruit from the tree on the allotment boundary with Waterworks Road and other refreshments ably overseen by Amanda

The Petersfield Community Choir joined us again to sing a number of traditional wassailing songs.

Emily and Keith then gave a practical demonstration of pruning our apple trees, cutting out damaged wood and crossing branches, and trying to encourage an ideal goblet shape.

So here’s to our next growing season.

This week: AGM and Wassailing

Just a reminder of a couple of events this week:


On Thursday, 14th January we are holding our Annual General Meeting at Winton House in Petersfield.  7pm for a 7.30 start.


Also, we are wassailing in the Orchard on Sunday 17th January from 2pm.  Do join us for fruit tree pruning, singing with Petersfield Community Choir and apple-related refreshments!

All welcome..

November garden


With the onset of winter, things are dying down, though seed heads still give interest. However, there are winter crops, like these leeks planted earlier

DSC_2914and field beans


Path laying

We’re continuing to lay the plastic matting that will form the foundation of a wheelchair accessible path in the garden.


The idea is that grass grows up through the matting to provide a green path with a firm foundation. Bruce, Lynn & Christoph were busy fitting further sections this afternoon



Brownies roasting sweet corn
Brownies roasting sweet corn

Sheet Brownies have visited us again. On Tuesday 29 September they harvested some of the sweetcorn they planted earlier this year, and roasted the cobs over a fire in the fire pit. They’re planning some other visits, including some star gazing later in the year when its clear

Stall at Lavant Street Market

We had a stall at the Lavant Street market on Sunday 4th, selling books and some produce to fund-raise,  and talk about the garden. A sunny day led to a steady stream of visitors.

Lynn R & Diana on the stall in the morning
Lynn R & Diana on the stall in the morning
Kindling and herbs
Kindling and herbs
Lynn P & Bruce on stall lunchtime
Lynn P & Bruce on stall lunchtime
Guess the weight of the pumpkin
Guess the weight of the pumpkin

We raised £110.30, and twenty people tried their luck at guessing the weight of one of our pumpkins. It weighed 3.945 kg (8lb 11oz): the nearest guess was 3.6 kg and the winner will receive their prize  – the pumpkin – in the next few days


A left-over onion – or is it a leek?


We also have sweet peas by the gate : the more we pick the more they’ll keep flowering

sweet peas
sweet peas