Pruning the blackcurrant bushes

On Sunday, Camilla showed us how to prune the black currants to encourage lots of sideshoots and , eventually, fruit.

Before pruning
Before pruning


Blackcurrant need to be pruned to an outward facing bud close to the ground


this leaves very little!

Blackcurrants after pruning
Blackcurrants after pruning

Prunings longer than 20cm can be used as hardwood cuttings: trim off straight below a node at the bottom and ant an angle above a bud near the top.

Trimming blackcurrant prunings for hardwood cuttings

Then push the cuttings into soft ground: with luck some will take root:

Planting blackcurrant hardwood cuttings
Planting blackcurrant hardwood cuttings

They can be moved to a permanent position next year





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