June garden

The prairie garden is now coming into its own:


as is the herb garden:


Meanwhile, there’s a lot on the notice board to be done:


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Shed on its way…

Tim, Benjamin, Tom & Charlie dismantling the shed
Tim, Benjamin, Tom & Charlie dismantling the shed

This is to let you know that today four men dismantled the shed for us. The shed is now neatly stacked and ready for transportation to the Community Garden.

Many thanks to Tony and Abby Wilson (the donors) and huge thanks to Charles Bevan (the foreman and tool provider) and to Tom Bevan, Tim Rose and Benjamin Rose (the workmen). It was a seriously demanding job and they worked seriously hard. They also did a great clear-up with trips to the tip.

This however is only the beginning! The next tasks are (i)  to get it to the site and (ii) to cut it down a bit and reconstruct it.

Thanks also to Amanda, Sue and Emily who came to see it and were encouraging!