June garden

The prairie garden is now coming into its own:


as is the herb garden:


Meanwhile, there’s a lot on the notice board to be done:


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Community Garden Open Day 20 September

Big Dig bunting
Big Dig bunting

On 2oth September, we had an open day as part of the ‘Big Dig’ edible gardens open day, with food and activities to show what we were doing at the garden.

picking beans and courgettes
picking beans and courgettes
Apple dangling
Apple dangling
Planting out blackcurrant bushes grown from last year's cuttings
Planting out blackcurrant bushes grown from last year’s cuttings
Food made with garden produce
Food made with garden produce
Doreen Duck's trail
Doreen Duck’s trail



Forty five people came to look round and see what we were up to.

Summer produce

Our first flush of lettuces have finished, but the courgettes are starting: if you’re at the garden do check and harvest any that are large enough, as the more we pick the more they’ll produce.


Meanwhile the redcurrant and gooseberry bushes fruit are ripening, and should be ready to pick in a couple of weeks

DSC_0586 DSC_0591

We have basil, peppers and tomatoes in the greenhouse, and runner beans, garlic and globe artichokes growing away.

We also haveĀ  rabbits – the tops of leeks poking through wire mesh protection have been nibbled off, as have the bottom leaves of runner beans (we’ve put tree protectors round them!) A check of the perimeter revealed a weak point by our ‘back gate’ through the fence, which we’ve now blocked. This may have trapped rabbits in the garden, so we may have to catch and remove them